4 + 5 cm length of 1.60 m, white


Simple installation without nails. Non-slip surface, excellent ball bounce behavior. Set consists of 85 lengths 4 cm wide, 8 lengths 5 cm wide, each 1.60 m long. Complete with connectors. Complying with international regulations.

These marking lines for your tennis court are equipped with recesses, which allow easy installation according to the enclosed operating instructions. On the surface there are some narrow cutouts, which provide excellent teeth with the tennis blanket. The reinforced U-profile of the tennis court marking lines is responsible for ensuring a very good grip in the ground. It is made of hard PCV. The profiled sides of the tennis line also support the good grip in the ground. But that’s not all, because the surface of the article is non-slip, resistant to various weather conditions and has an excellent ball jumping behavior. Of course, the marking line is manufactured according to various international regulations and standards. The 4 + 5 cm set consists of a total of 85 rods with a width of 4 cm and 8 rods with a width of 5 cm. The length of the marking bars is given as 1.60 m. There are also 100 T-connectors included.

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